Self Realisation

 In this universe the pursuit to discover its mysteries is limitless. The more we know, the more humble we become in the face of what we don't and cannot know. There are innumerable ways and means for acquiring knowledge. Why? How? Where? When? of everything - one may keep on wondering and inquiring about. It is this natural curiosity which has led man to acquire so much knowledge of the material world and erect an imposing and gigantic technological edifice of civilization and culture. Human ingenuity, aided by experimental science and thought, continues pushing back the limits of the unknown.
 However, the mass of humanity, including the elites, knows pretty little about its own Real Self. We hardly ever think about knowing the reality of our own existence. If we remain ignorant about our own real identity, the course of life remains uncertain, fearful, and confused. Because of ignorance of one's Real Self, man is unable to think or act wisely and righteously. There is only one highway to true happiness and peace in life and that is Self-Knowledge. 

An enlightened person (Atma Gyani) continues to be steadfastly calm in moments of great calamities in life. Waiving his hand he bids farewell to worldly problems saying, "Good Bye! Go away! Go and get lost in that darkness of illusion which had created you." Blessed is one who has mastered the key Mantra of immortality of his "I-ness" - one with the Supreme Source. | | | | |