Self Realisation


Self-realization brings total relief from ego-inflicted sufferings and wants which keep on tormenting us each moment. There are numerous fields of knowledge in this world but The Supreme Knowledge, transcending all other fields of knowledge, is the Knowledge of the Self , (Atma Gyan)  which unravels the mystery of life. 

 Research scholars in the material and mundane sciences have uncovered many miracles of nature, such as: electrical energy and atomic power. In the same manner, on dwelling deep into the inmost recesses of the Supreme source and spirit of the universe, the sages, seers and the mystics have discovered the nectar of ATMA (Soul) transcending the limitations of the material world, the experience of which makes man truly wise and bestows upon him mastery over mental and material forces and energies. Hence it is essential for man to first know his Real Self.

As one climbs higher and higher on this spiritual ascent, one's sense of belonging expands accordingly and finally, looking around as far as one can from the top of a hill, one discovers that he is one with all existence. | | | | |